Early Bird Special: Save $100 On Primetime & Classic Entries

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Early Bird Special: Save $100 On Primetime & Classic Entries

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Wed Apr 03, 2024 2:29 pm

Welcome to our 21st anniversary season of the National Fantasy Football Championship!! After another record-breaking year in 2023, we are confident that 2024 can be even bigger and better than last year!!

To kick things off, we are again offering a $100 Early-Bird discount on every NFFC Classic and Primetime team you purchase right now. The cost for each team is $1,650 now for the Primetime and $1,900 for the Classic, down from the listed price of $1,750 and $2,000 respectively. There is no Events Fee or co-manager fee, but for every Classic or Primetime team you purchase individually there is a $10 compliance fee.

We are running this special through Friday, May 31st. You can also take a Primetime 2-Pack or 3-Pack or 5-Pack with $100 off for each team and pay only one $10 compliance fee. Again, this is all good through Friday, May 31st.

Over the last six years, we've had 450+ teams signed up early, which means our customers saved over $45,000 in entry fees each of the last six years. Last year we set a record with 548 Primetime and Classic teams being purchased during the Early Special, taking $100 off per team, a savings of $54,800 for our customers. That can go a long way for our customers and creates a better Return On Investment with each entry. We'd be happy to see you top that number this year and save $60,000 or more on Primetime and Classic entries.

We just hosted our 21st anniversary season in the NFBC and set records across the board in baseball. We are giving away over $5 million in prize money in baseball for the first time ever and our live events in Las Vegas were epic. The camaraderie and competition was off the charts in Las Vegas and we know that momentum is going to carry over into the football season. We are very confident that 2024 is going to be a record-breaking year for the NFFC as well.

The NFFC Primetime continues to be one of the biggest national contests in the industry and last year we finished with a record 1,080 teams. Prizes are based on just over 1,000 teams this year and I'm confident that we will sell out this contest again. The NFFC Classic, on the other hand, will be a private league setup for the third straight year, although we will crown a national champion. Now entering its 21st season, we've made the NFFC Classic a private contest where all of the prize money stays within the league. We'll pay the league champion $16,000, while paying the runner-up $5,000 and the third place finisher $3,000. Cost of entry is $2,000. We will have overall standings, but the only payout there is a FREE 2025 Classic entry to the overall champion. Remember, we've had 20 different Classic overall champions in 20 years, so let's find out if we can have our first repeat champion this year or another new Classic overall champion. David Webb of Littleton, Colorado is the defending Classic champion as he topped a field of 84 teams for the overall title last year.

Not only do you get a savings by signing up early, but you can also sign up now and not pay a penny on these entries until Aug. 1st. That's right, no down deposit or any payment to secure your spots. Just pay in full by Aug. 1st and you're good to go. Thanks all and good luck.

Take advantage of this Early-Bird Special and lock in your savings now. The Early-Bird Special will be good through Friday, May 31st. If you know you're going to compete in these contests, why not sign up now and secure your spots?

Good luck in all your leagues this year and keep the signups coming and take our profit away from us!! :lol: We don't mind. We love the early commitments and it gives everyone reassurance that we're headed toward sellouts in both contests again this year and that the other contests will prosper as well. Come join us for a historic 21st season in the NFFC!!

Oh, and grand prizes are robust again in all of our other national contests: $250,000 in the Rotowire Online Championship, $70,000 in the NFFC Cutline Championship, $30,000 in the NFFC Best Ball Draft Champions National Championship and $15,000 in the fourth annual NFFC Online Auction Championship. There's something for everyone in the NFFC in 2024.

Thanks all and enjoy.
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