NFL Announces Week 1 Friday Night Game In Brazil

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NFL Announces Week 1 Friday Night Game In Brazil

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Tue Feb 06, 2024 8:24 am

Yesterday NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Philadelphia Eagles would host a Week 1 game in Brazil on Friday night, September 6th. This is the first Friday Night Game the NFL has played in Week 1 in 50 years.

Here's the story: ... razil-game

This obviously affects all fantasy football leagues, including the NFFC. The NFFC has already used the Thursday Night Opener as a "free look" game as that allows drafts to continue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Everyone in the NFFC, no matter when they drafted, get to see the results from that Thursday Night Game before they set their starting lineups on Sunday at 1 pm ET.

Now we will have TWO "free look" games. This Philadelphia game will also be a "free look" game, meaning NFFC owners will have the results from 4 NFL teams before setting their Week 1 starting lineups. It's odd, but it's the only way to handle this situation.

This also affects the Friday schedule for live events in Las Vegas, but at this point I think we go forward as we had in past years. It's already tough to get all of the live events in during the Wednesday through Saturday schedule and to not offer the 4 and 7 pm PT slates would be a mistake. We had 15 full leagues during those times last year in Las Vegas and it would be tough to reschedule all of them to different days.

We don't know the start time just yet, but if it's similar to the Thursday Night Game it would start around 4:30 or 5:15 PT and end at 8:30 or so PT. Maybe we change some start times for those scheduled events, but let's get the official start time from the NFL first. It's possible we push the 7 pm PT start time back a little to make things work.

We have plenty of time to discuss all of this for the Friday Live Events, but I think there's no turning back on this schedule. This isn't a "one-off" by the NFL. Going forward, we have to expect the Thursday and Friday openers in Week 1 every year from the NFL, right? So let's make smart decisions once we have the start time from the NFL and just pack in even more fun in Las Vegas!!! Here we go!!! :lol:
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