Win $30,000 In The 2024 NFFC Best Ball Championship

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Win $30,000 In The 2024 NFFC Best Ball Championship

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Tue Feb 20, 2024 11:23 am

The 15th annual NFFC Best Ball National Championship is already underway as we started drafts in January even before the Super Bowl ended. The Best Ball National Championship again has a $30,000 grand prize and we are shooting for 3,000 teams this year. These are 12-team, 34-round drafts that pay the Top 3 in each league and also the Top 20 overall.

When we first started this national contest it was called NFFC Draft Champions, because obviously the best drafter in a Best Ball format will be the winner. This format was actually first known as Draft Masters and was started by the WCOFF, so Draft Champions became almost synonymous with that format.

But now everyone knows what Best Ball is and therefore this contest is now called the NFFC Best Ball National Championship. It was officially ordained that name in 2023 and it will carry on from here on out.

This is the fourth straight year for the $30,000 grand prize and we'd love to get that prize and the entire overall prize pool up higher in years ahead. Prizes are based on 3,000 teams this year and we'll add to the overall prize pool if we go beyond that. Thanks all and enjoy.

Once again we are offering 4-Hour, 2-Hour, 1-Hour and even 30-Minute Draft Champions Leagues, along with nightly Express leagues. The clock will again automatically go in half for the 4-Hour and 2-Hour DCs starting in Round 21 (it stays at 1 Hour for the 1 Hour DCs and 30 Minutes for the 30 Minute leagues). So for Rounds 21-34 in the 4-Hour leagues, you will have a 2-Hour clock for those last 15 rounds and for the 2-Hour DCs the clock will be 1 Hour.

Over the last two years, this has really quickened each Draft Champions league, giving players more chances to join more leagues. The software also allows you to easily set your queue for any and all rounds that you want. It's so easy now to set your queue for Round 25 or 26 and to also put the Auto-Pick feature on 1 Round or more if needed.

We increased to an 8-hour pause at night in 2022 and that will continue again this year. The pause now takes place between 1 am and 9 am ET, but you can still make picks during the pause. The longer overnight pause allowed people to get into more 2-hour and 1-hour leagues last year and all of them still got done sooner than past years. Enjoy your sleep, but be ready to draft when you get up!

Team Kicker is again used for all Best Ball leagues, and in fact, it's used for all NFFC leagues for the fourth straight year. This has been well received not only by the NFFC community but by the entire fantasy football community. This move opens roster spots as you don't need more than three kickers now and it assures scoring from this position all year long.

The regular season will again be 17 weeks long as the NFL incorporates an 18-week schedule for the fourth straight year. The Best Ball National Championship will have best ball scoring from Weeks 1 through 17 and the team with the most points among all teams in this contest will win the $30,000 grand prize.

Drafts will start 30 minutes after the league fills and draft spots are announced 15 minutes after the league is full. Always set your KDS preferences after you sign up and be ready to draft.

Here's a link to the Contest page, Rules and Lobby:;2078;2079

We look forward to a record-breaking year for this national contest. Good luck all and enjoy.
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