Win $16,000 In The 2024 NFFC Classic Leagues

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Win $16,000 In The 2024 NFFC Classic Leagues

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Tue Apr 09, 2024 2:14 pm

The NFFC started in 2004 with one contest: The 14-Team NFFC Classic. We offered a $100,000 grand prize that first year and it was our signature contest for close to a decade.

But the churn rate for that 14-Team format increased as the years went on and soon the NFFC Primetime became our biggest high-profile event with a $250,000 grand prize. Eventually, we had to change the format for the NFFC Classic and today we still crown an overall champion, but all of the prize money is delivered within each league.

In fact, this is the third year for the NFFC Classic in which we are paying all of the prize money within the leagues. The entry fee remains at $2,000 and we'll pay the Top 3 in each league, including $16,000 to each league champion. We finished with 6 leagues and 84 teams in 2024 and we hope to repeat those numbers again this year. We'll award a FREE 2025 NFFC Classic entry to the overall champion, a $2,000 value.

This marks the 21st anniversary of the NFFC Classic Championship. This contest has been so interesting -- and so hard -- that we've had 20 different overall champions in 20 years. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO REPEAT AS CLASSIC NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! That says something.

David Webb of Littleton, Colorado won the title last year and he's going to try to become the first back-to-back and 2-time NFFC Classic national champion. David finished in the Top 5 of the NFFC Classic FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES before finally winning the title. He's a big proponent of the 14-Team format and I know he will be back in a big way again this year.

We do have one slight change for 2024 in the NFFC Classic: We will again pay the Top 3 in each Classic league, but we'll allow the Top 4 teams from each league to advance to the Championship Round. These leagues are always so close that for a 14-Team league we felt it made sense to allow one more team per league to compete for the overall title.

So in 2024, the Top 4 teams in each league will advance to the Championship Round to play for the NFFC Classic Championship's overall title. Enjoy.

Oh, and we will set up slow drafts for this format as well. We heard from some veterans who said many of our NFFC Classic drafts were during the busiest drafting time of the season, both in Las Vegas and Online. We will offer a 4-Hour and a 2-Hour Classic league starting in July and 30 minutes after the leagues fill with 14 teams we will start the draft. There's no harm in offering this slow draft format for the NFFC Classic and if it allows more people to play and we add another league or two it's good for everyone. Enjoy and good luck.

Okay, let's start the games!!! :D

Last year we filled three Classic leagues in Las Vegas and three Online. I think we can duplicate Las Vegas again this year and let's get even more full leagues Online. I'll keep a signup link below and you can also find signups here:

Here's the rules page for the 2024 NFFC Classic:

Here's the current signup list:

Saturday, August 31, 1 pm PT
1. william hare

Thursday, September 5, Noon PT
1. Duke Viveros
2. David Webb
3. Charlie Visconsi
4. Richard Hart

Saturday, September 7, 1 pm PT
1. David Webb
2. Craig Bernes
3. justin kimbrough

Sunday, September 1, 8 pm ET
1. Michael Bell

2-Hour Draft; Draft Starts 30 Minutes After League Fills:
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